Platform Overview

1/ Platform's total TVL and the assets staked.

2/ Your value and position within Kryptonite.

3/ Mint/Burn mechanism for $SEI and other assets.

4/ After staking your $SEI, you can claim rewards here.

5/ After burning $stSEI, you can claim your $SEI here.

6/ Specify how much $SEI you'd like to bond. Click "Mint" to stake and receive $stSEI.

Alternatively, Burn is the opposite mechanism. This unstakes your $stSEI back to $SEI. Here you'll also specify how much $stSEI you want to unstake and click "Burn".

7/ BOOST - this is where you can choose your boost rewards and your vesting periods. Longer vest periods = more rewards 👍

8/ SEILOR LP - this where you can stake your $SEILOR and $SEILOR/$SEI LP assets.

9/ Vest - this allows users to go from $veSEILOR back to $SEILOR

10/ You can use this bridge to move your assets from #BSC over to #SeiNetwork

That's it. Hopefully this helps you easily navigate the Kryptonite application 💪

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