Protocol Overview


No Minimums

There is no minimum participation requirement for users. Users can stake any amount of SEI in the staking pool. In comparison to staking directly with the validating nodes, users do not need to perform any operations to benefit from the compounded growth of their staked assets.


After all SEI is deposited into the platform, it is directly staked to the validating nodes through smart contracts. The Kryptonite platform does not directly hold user assets. Users can initiate redemption at any time, however, according to Sei chain's Unbonding process, their Sei-based assets can be retrieved after approximately 21 days.

Rich DeFi ecosystem

Kryptonite is not only a Sei Staking platform but is also a rich DeFi ecosystem. Users who stake on the platform receive LST (liquid staking token) assets, which can be used to mint stablecoins to increase their own liquidity. They can also participate in lending products to provide liquidity to borrowers and earn lending interest. By participating in the Kryptonite ecosystem, users can also continuously receive the platform's governance token, SEILOR.

Framework Diagram

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