Users deposit SEI into the smart contract through contract transactions. The smart contract delegates the received SEI to the validating nodes in the whitelist. Based on the current exchange rate between SEI and stSEI, the smart contract provides users with the corresponding amount of stSEI.


Users can transfer stSEI back to the smart contract. The contract will automatically burn the stSEI and exchange it for the corresponding amount of SEI based on the current exchange rate. Due to the characteristics of the Sei chain, it takes 21 days to withdraw the entire unbonded amount from the chain. A single staking entity can initiate no more than 7 unbond operations within a single validating node. Currently, the contract automatically caches user unbond operations and initiates the unbonding process with the validating nodes after a 3-day interval. Therefore, the actual redemption time for a single unbond operation ranges from 21 to 24 days. (In the future, the platform will provide a fast channel where burning SEILOR can expedite the withdrawal of SEI).

Validating Nodes

Kryptonite has partnered with three premium node service providers.

Validator Address: seivaloper1zv9z2wqt348dhxqn38xv8dvsu78cle4xs2cdf4

Account Address: sei1zv9z2wqt348dhxqn38xv8dvsu78cle4xw9frg9


Validator Address: seivaloper146m089lq8mkqw6w0mmlhxz6247g2taha89at74

Account Address: sei146m089lq8mkqw6w0mmlhxz6247g2tahae2v9l9


Validator Address: seivaloper1wwfpmcvehq6yqdxfccs5rdr745q3kmy06l9d0d

Account Address: sei1wwfpmcvehq6yqdxfccs5rdr745q3kmy0ys5rwa


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