Getting into an LP

You've staked SEI. But now you want more. Why not explore adding liquidity into an LP? Here's how you can do it. There's two ways to add your liquidity into an LP. Single-sided or Double-sided. Single - Adding either SEI or SEILOR into the pool. Double - Adding both SEI and SEILOR into the pool. You must hold both tokens to be able to do this. 1. Go to Astroport. Go to Pools.

  1. Search for the correct pool. Be careful there's a lot of fake and scam pools that are out there. Be sure to choose the correct one. And click Add Liquidity.

  1. Choose Double-Sided or One-Sided. Specify the amount of SEILOR-SEI you want to add to the pool and click Add Liquidity.

Now that you've added liquidity to an LP. You can now earn additional rewards by staking it on Kryptonite.

  1. Navigate to the SEILOR tab. Here you'll see a few pools that are currently active. For this example, we'll still be looking at SEILOR-SEI.

  2. Choose your Boost - 0%, 20%, 30%, 50%, or 100%.

  1. Click Stake. Specify how much of the LP token you'd like to stake and click Stake.

Now you're staked in a Liquidity Pool. Congrats!

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