The platform has reserved a total of 350,000,000 (35%) SEILOR tokens for mining users. Before the establishment of Governance, the initial team will decide in batches to set rewards for users participating in platform activities. Once the Governance mechanism matures, the transition will be made to community governance to determine the timing, weight, and distribution of rewards.

For Phase 1 of Farming, a total of 10,500,000 veSEILOR tokens will be allocated for a period of 30 days. Among them, 10,000,000 veSEILOR tokens will be rewarded to users providing liquidity in the SEI/SEILOR Pool, and 500,000 veSEILOR tokens will be rewarded to users providing liquidity in the STSEI/SEIYAN Pool.

The users in the stSEI/SEIYAN Pool will receive their rewards through an airdrop. After the SEIYAN mining rewards end, 500,000 veSEILOR tokens will be directly distributed to LP users through an airdrop.


Boost Effect

Boost is an additional reward provided to users who wish to grow with the platform in the long term. By default, the veSEILOR obtained in Farming is in an unlocked state, and its APY is the initial APY. When a user sets their Boost level to Restart, the APY yield will be effective after the transaction, and the subsequent reward APY will be the sum of (Boost + Base) APY. And at this time, veSEILOR cannot be claimed, including unclaimed rewards, and future rewards. Only when the corresponding lock-up period is reached, all rewarded veSEILOR can be claimed. Boost rewards come from the allocation of additional mining rewards and also from the allocated 35% total rewards.

Boost Restart

By default, the initial state is non-Boost, and the veSEILOR obtained from mining can be claimed at any time. Once a user chooses to activate Boost, the veSEILOR earned from mining will only be claimable after the corresponding lock-up period. After Boost is activated, users can Restart Boost to a higher level at any time. The lock-up period will still be based on the initial Boost activation time, with the end time being the user's latest selected lock-up period. After a lock-up period ends, users can claim their veSEILOR at any time, and they will automatically transition to a non-Boost state.


The user receives the initial reward as veSEILOR, which is escrowed SEILOR and has a 1:1 exchange with SEILOR. veSEILOR holds voting governance rights and captures protocol value and other benefits. The veSEILOR vesting period is currently set to 30 days for SEILOR (this parameter can be modified through governance in the future).

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