NFT Game Event Rules

Kryptonite is launching the first ever NFT x DeFi x GameFi event on SEI to grow and empower the community.

Prize Pool: 444,400 SEI (Community) + 15,000 SEI (Kryptonite)

NFT Sale:

Total NFT quantity: 4444

100 SEI per NFT mint

Minting is divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: Whitelist Phase 2: Public Whitelist will last 2 hours (guaranteed mint). Max mint: 1 NFT

After 2 hours, its FCFS (first come, first serve).

All SEI spent on minting goes directly into the prize pool.

And NFTs can be freely traded with an 8% royalty fee charged on each transaction. Royalty fees will also go into the prize pool.

Medal Acquisition:

Participate in campaign dedicated tasks to earn medals. e.g. - RT a Twitter post to earn a medal

Dragon Card Draw:

10 $SEILOR gets you a blind box. That SEILOR immediately gets burned. Each blind box contains 1 of 6 parts of a dragon card. Collecting all 6 creates the full Dragon Card. Each card can be traded with an 8% royalty fee. This fee also goes into the prize pool.

The event will run for 1 month. And upon completion...

50% - distributed to users that...

Hold Seimen NFTs + Hold Kryptonite Medals + Hold Completed Dragon Cards

And 20% of the initial distribution to the platform treasury

50% - Gets rolled over to the next event iteration

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